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The Sacramentary of the Rose+Croix


The purpose of translating this work of Robert Ambelain was to afford the English speaking population of the world an opportunity to understand and use this sacramentary for the betterment of mankind. Also this will become a true working tool for those truly seeking to follow the spiritual path and bring all humanity back to the bosom of God.

The author, Robert Ambelain, curator in Europe of many strains of the Esoteric schools has attempted to present this work as an authentic manual for the serious student of mysticism, especially that of the Rose+Croix. He was received as an Apprentice Mason on the 25th of March, 1939, where the Grand Master Constant Chevillon presided within the Rite of Memphis-Misraim. Within five years of his reception as an Apprentice, Robert Ambelain was elevated to the 95th degree within the same rite. All this was accomplished due to his performance of a valuable service to mankind by saving from the hands of the Nazis all the archives of the esoteric orders in France. In fact, the Grand Master Chevillon was indeed executed by the Nazis through the Vichy Government for not revealing to them the whereabouts of the archives. Mr. Ambelain was threatened with death and having his wife and daughter sent to a concentration camp. They held meetings in his home and retained all the necessary equipment to hold meetings so that the brothers could travel without concern for police raids and searches of their briefcases. As a result of this effort by Robert Ambelain and his wife and daughter, these brothers had nothing to fear when traveling on the subway, or in the streets. Had all this failed he and his family would have suffered the consequences of the Nazi wrath.

Much of the work during the War was done under the veil of the Kabalistic Order of the Rose-Croix of Stanislas de Gautia which had not been dissolved. On March 25, 1944 the then Grand Master Chevillon was assassinated and he was succeeded by Henri Dupont. As the war ended it was of little effort for Robert Ambelain Grand Master Adjoint (Deputy Grand Master) along with the then Grand Master Henri Dupont to re-establish the work in France, as they had maintained the archives due to Robert's effort. In 1960, Robert Ambelain replaced Dupont as Grand Master of the World for the Ancient and Primitive Rite of Memphis-Misraim and remained as such until 1985, but he still maintains the title of Grand Master of Honor due to his tireless efforts.

In 1909, the Grand Master Worldwide John Yarker conferred on Brother George Lagreze, the 90th degree, then the ultimate Degree in practice. Do not forget that Robert preserved throughout the years of the occupation with his personal archives of George Lagreze, this patent in its original. This document is now in the hands of a Mason of the Grand Orient of France at la Rochelle, but Robert still maintains a photocopy of it and its translation. Lagreze had declared to Robert that he had not wished to utilize this patent of 1909, when Theodore Reuss (successor to Yarker thereafter), had invested Papus (Dr. Gerard Encausse) with the charge of Grand Master of Memphis-Misraim for France. The reason for this he had been invested by Papus with the charge of Grand Inspector General of l'Order Martiniste in its famous Supreme Council, and he liked Papus immensely.

Afterward, at the International Convent in Brussels in 1936 at the time when the Grand Master Troilo (representing about sixty Lodges...), was named Grand Master Worldwide of the Rite and Brother George Lagreze was named Deputy Grand Master Worldwide, and Surrogate Grand Master Worldwide of the Rite.

Finally, on the 15th of August 1944, Lagreze designated Robert Ambelain as his own Surrogate, and invested him with the 95th Degree of the Rite. And on the 13th of August 1960, Henry Charles Dupont, became the successor of the Grand Master Chevillon, who had in turn received his power from Jean Bricaud, designated the same Robert Ambelain as his successor. Thus the split that had separated France from all the other "provinces" of the Rite (it was not represented at the Convent of 1936 in Brussels), was ended. After several International Convents were held in Paris with other Grand Lodges (France, Belgium, Switzerland, Italy, Venezuela, Chile, Madagascar, and Canada) this was confirmed.

In 1985, Robert Ambelain had named Gerard Kloppel as his successor, and became Grand Master of Honor and retained the title of President of the Supreme Council of the Confederated Rites of France maintaining the Patent for the separate Rites of Memphis and of Misraim.

With this Work completed, the author and the Brothers who truly wanted to remain on the path of service to humanity began to work this Rite of Misraim and petitioned Robert for further help. This great Sage Robert Ambelain, than gave permission to Mr. Cappello to translate and in turn to copyright and publish the Sacramentary of the Rose+Croix, the work you are about to read and hopefully will use as a manual for your esoteric works. The Ancient and Primitive Oriental Rite of Misraim was transmitted to Mr. Cappello by Mr. Robert Ambelain and Mr. Albert Cools (just before he died). As they maintained separately this Rite from among the combined Rites. Mr. Robert Ambelain did so in his capacity as President of the Confederated Rites of France.

When reading this translation keep in mind that many of the Biblical references, come from both the King James Version and the New Catholic (Confraternity - Douay Version) Versions.

Mr. Cappello would like to take time to thank, Mr. Robert Ambelain for his trust and guidance; his wife Mary Lou without whose support and love none of this work would ever have been completed; and, Brother Dominick Carlucci knows that he always remains a trusted and valuable Brother at all times. Finally, to all the Brothers who had the courage to persevere in the work when the road got rocky, the reward for service can only be the betterment of humanity. "For all those who aspire to God continue the Great Work, for they know the Time is near."

-Ronald Cappello


By publishing a major part of the secret formulay of the Rose+Croix d' Orient, we above all attempted to give to those who are impassioned by the prestigious plan of the Rose+Croix, a genuine working tool. It is obvious that the R+C of the XVII century were profoundly mystic and Christian. Adversaries of Catholicism as it was at that time (intolerant and without compassion), they were also anticlerical, and therefore very close to Protestantism, except for its anti-occultism. But it is also obvious that the term does not have the same meaning any more among those who parade the name. The "Rose+Croix" of French Masonry are not always Christian, seldom occultist, and the modern Rosicrucians have a different orientation. Nevertheless, given to Caesar what belongs to him, and therefore, the Enchiridion that we are presenting for the first time to the public will not surprise by its mystical climate the reader who is of good intent and well informed. This is an authentically Rosicrucian manual, and it is absolutely in the spirit of those who, in History, were the ones who had the privilege of working under this word, and to be called such. Let the rationalist reader, lost in these pages, not be shocked. The true Rose+Croix of the past did not think like him... .

Furthermore, being an Occultist, Martinist, Mason, Templar, Kabbalist and Gnostic, the author of these lines apologizes to some of his readers who would desire (or simply wish) to see him keep back on this or that topic of their choice. Mystics deplore to see him publish books on occultism, occultists deplore to see him write books dealing with mysticism, and the French-masons, sometimes, regret that he does not confine himself solely to the highly esoteric Symbolism of their secular rites. The author apologizes to everybody. But the reasons that motivate him to publish, such a book at such at time, and such other book at such other moment, must remain secret. Let all readers be reassured that there are, for all this, perfectly valid and serious reasons which however, must remain hidden...

Thanks to these secret Orisons, wonderfully composed and wisely obtained, resting upon esoteric traditions which allow them to cause on another "plane" the initial archetype to which they are connected to vibrate, the authentic Rosicrucian will be able to work at every moment of his life, and in any foreseeable circumstance, at the general plan of the universal Rose+Croix.

Whenever a problem will arise for him, in the context of this occult action to which he voluntarily consented to collaborate, the Rosicrucian will only have to remind himself of the existence of this formulary, whose format, moreover, will enable him to constantly carry it on himself or within reach. He is sure to be able to find the proper esoteric Orison to resolve the problem at hand. The encounter of a disabled, a poverty stricken, an injured animal, the relief of a sick person, the assistance to an afflicted family, the stopping of a natural calamity, etc., for all of those things he will find in this little book the possibility of a beneficial action, efficient, unselfish, and that we recommend he keeps secret. Because as the most redoubtable evil requires secrecy to be really efficient, so a beneficial action will only be more real and profound if it is more accomplished in secrecy as well.

Regardless of these particular goals, it is obvious that this formulary is also a breviary, and the Rosicrucian can use it as such. The daily reciting of all or part of these chapters, if done by thousands of Brothers, is able, in the long run, to modify the happening of tritely predictable events. "Faith is the substance of things hoped for..." said St. Paul (Epistle to the Hebrews, 11:1).

But the publishing of this formulary is above all for those who will be able to practice the methods given in the first tome of our work, The Spiritual Alchemy, and particularly for all those who will be able to apply the special techniques explained in the second tome. We not publishing, however, certain orisons and very occult formulae, true procedures of action, and some of which constitute dreadful spiritual weapons in the hands of the Rose+Croix. Those keys and formulae will be subsequently given by us to a very small circle of Brothers, duly chosen according to the general Doctrine and the Plan of the Order. Those Brothers will not be chosen by us, but by those who, on the other side of the Veil, continue to watch over Mankind and the World, in a word, by the Masters of the Past, the only veritable Unknown Superiors.

-Robert Ambelain, All Saints Day, 1963